About Us

Antti Linkosalo, was 17-years-old when he bought his first car in the beginning of the 2000’s - a 944. That pretty much sums him up as a person. Working hard to earn the budget to do something a bit unusual. Since then, he has owned more than 30 Porsches and worked around the clock on most days. That is where the roots of 9xx are. Passion for Porsches of all shapes and forms.

At first, Antti had trouble finding parts for his car. Sometimes it was a budget matter and sometimes there were not parts available at all. As a typical entrepreneur, there was only one way to make things right. Do it yourself! At first, the company was a minor buy-and-sell type of activity from his own home. As the business grew, he moved his stock to a garage.

For the most part of the 2000’s, Antti was working as an IT expert and learning the skills to machine parts himself. Those skills were needed later when starting series production of parts and components in-house and by selected suppliers. Did we already mention that doing it yourself is one foundation of his companies? The passion for Porsches was growing, as was the need for parts. Both for his cars and to the network that now knew his sourcing skills. This is what they call conceptual piloting in productization textbooks.

In 2007, having established the skills and some reputation in the business, it was time to take the leap of faith. 9xxParts was registered as a company in Finland with the simple mission. To provide Porsche spare parts, both sourced and manufactured by 9xxParts. The small-scale selling through the grapevine has since been refined to international, e-commerce based business. Nowadays 9xxParts is among the top Porsche parts sellers in Europe.